Now you too can help us be the difference - Catherine Iremonger shares her story

"I was working in a nursery shop when the aunt of a 3 day old baby came running in with the baby in her arms. She was screaming that the baby was not breathing.

"My manager told the aunt that I knew first aid and would know what to do, so I was handed the baby, who had no tone, her lips were blue and she was floppy and unresponsive. I did a breathing check, my ear to her face and there was no breath or rise and fall of her chest. I opened her airway by gently tilting and lifting the chin and gave her the five initial breaths over her nose and mouth, which is what you do in baby CPR. I then did 30 chest compressions with my two fingers. While I was doing this my manager called 999.

"After the 30 chest compressions I started the next round of rescue breaths. This would've been only two breaths but after the first breath the baby started to cry. During the CPR the aunt had run out to get the baby's mom and they both of them arrived back in the shop as the baby started crying.

"The paramedic who had arrived on the scene told me that if I hadn't commenced CPR it would've been a different outcome. He told me that I had just saved a life." - Catherine Iremonger