Meet the Trainer - Catherine Iremonger

Catherine Iremonger

What made you want to become a First Aid Trainer:
One of my previous jobs, was as a Cabin Manager / Recruitment Manager for an Airline. As part of Cabin Crew, we are trained in many different aspects - First Aid being one. If we were 37,000 ft in the air, we couldn't dial 999, it was us as crew that had to deal with it. This gave me lots of hands on First Aid experience. I developed a passion for sharing my knowledge and guiding new crew in dealing with First Aid situations. I decided to gain the necessary qualifications to follow my passion to teach First Aid as a job.

How long have you been a First Aid trainer:
4 years and it has flown by.

Name one of your favourite/most useful first aid tips:
Be calm and in control - behaviour breeds behaviour. If you are calm, it will help keep the casualty calmer.

What's the best part of being a First Aid Trainer:
My aim is to facilitate courses that are fun, rewarding, interactive and make First Aid easy to understand. I thrive on sharing my knowledge and instilling confidence - with the end goal being that learners feel confident to be the potential life saver and not the bystander.
I love my job and I hope this comes across with each and every course I deliver!