Support St John Ambulance

Top 20 fundraising ideas!

  1. Give it up

    Sometimes it's about what you don't do. Get sponsored to give something up for a month or more; chocolate, shaving, social media, smoking and alcohol are just some of the things you could give up.

  2. Celebrate World First Aid Day

    This day occurs the second Saturday in September each year. Why not celebrate with friends, family or make a splash at the office? You could have a dress up day and have a collection box for people to donate.

  3. Cake sale

    Organise a cake or bun sale in the office with your colleagues. Sell them during break time and raise some money! Make sure your boss is in agreement!

  4. Pamper party

    How many people do you know who spend a fair amount of money on health and beauty? Why not gather friends and family for an affordable night-in of pampering? Get the essentials ready, the face masks on and gossip the night away, with a box for donations.

  5. Office Olympics

    Create some office antics for charity and get people to donate if they want to play. How about a speed typing game or seeing who can get paper balls into the rubbish bin from a distance? Split into teams and see who'll become the office champ.

  6. Trade Up

    Remember the guy who traded a red paper clip for a house? Along these lines, but maybe not as venturesome. Start out with something small and trade it with someone for another item. Keep trading until you end up with a valuable item which you could sell or auction.

  7. Guess...

    How many sweets are in the jar? How long will it take you to complete an office challenge? Start a guessing game and get people to donate to get involved!

  8. Themed parties

    Gather your friends and family and host themed parties such as; Christmas, Halloween, Bonfire Night or even a summer barbecue.

  9. Quenching that thirst

    Host a coffee morning, cheese and wine evening or a cocktail evening with your friends, family and colleagues.

  10. Fireside Quiz!

    An old favourite where there are, for example, clues on a sheet for the names of places throughout NI – people give a voluntary donation for the sheet of clues.

  11. Karaoke

    A classic event but always a winner. It can be in your local pub, office, at your home - the choice is yours all you need is a microphone (or a hairbrush).

  12. Through the keyhole

    How well do you know your colleagues? Get people to take a picture of their home and guess who lives where!

  13. Auction of promises

    Ask friends, family and colleagues to donate their skills, expertise and services for auction. Also try persuading local restaurants, theatres and leisure centres to offer meals, tickets and other goodies.

  14. Spelling Bee

    If you're a teacher, why not get the whole school together and see who the spelling champ is?

  15. Games evening

    Get your hands on Monopoly, create a quiz, play charades or get the deck out. Why not make it a marathon and see how long everybody lasts?

  16. Talent competition

    Get friends and family to perform their talent to an audience and a panel of judges. Who has got the X Factor?

  17. Gift of life

    Instead of receiving gifts for your birthday or for Christmas, why not ask friends/family to donate to sponsor you?

  18. Be silent for a day...or a morning...or an hour!

    Got what it takes? Get friends and family to sponsor you to be silent!

  19. Bad taste day

    Who can fashion the most garish item of clothing or accessory? Keep a donation bucket at the office so people who take part can donate!

  20. Treasure hunt

    This can be in one area such as the office, but why not take it outside and get the local families and businesses involved. Ask local businesses to donate items and hide them around the local area.