Professional Clinical Roles - Event Doctor

Event Doctor

Respond and manage clinical requests/incidents at events which may include venues such as stadia, concert halls, motorsports tracks, road races etc. Event Doctors shall provide clinical, social, and holistic care while undertaking clinical assessment and interventions in the out of hospital environment. May involve working in mobile treatment centres or temporary event medical centres.

This role description is for doctors who will undertake and take responsibility for clinical duties at an event. Doctors who do not meet the role requirements may be permitted to work at an event under the supervision of the Event Doctor or in a non-doctor role if so qualified (e.g. as a trained first aider).

Expected time commitment:
Evenings, weekends, or some daytime as available

Event Services

Line managed by:
Unit Manager

Professionally responsible to:
District Medical Officer – Dr Mark Taylor

What you would be involved in (duties & responsibilities)

  • Attend events and undertake clinical responsibilities in the out of hospital care environment to level of clinical competency.
  • Must have a licence to practise without any restrictions.
  • Undertake continual professional development relevant to the role; maintaining skill levels and knowledge to enable you to carry out assessments and procedures in accordance with your training and SJA NI policy. This will include annual re-assessment of skills and knowledge following current SJA NI requirements.
  • Take the clinical leadership role at events as appropriate (if senior doctor present or if appointed by relevant regional manager), managing the clinical practice on the event and feeding into the event manager as appropriate undertaking clinical supervision and mentoring of clinical personnel, and providing feedback in a constructive manner.
  • Ensure personal equipment is fit for use ready for immediate use at all times and champion responsibility for the cleanliness of patient environments in line with current DoH and SJA NI IPC policy.
  • Keep good medical records and maintain confidentiality where appropriate; ensure that you follow the current General Medical Council’s (GMC) Good Medical Practice guidance and SJA NI policy/procedures on record keeping and confidentiality.
  • Conduct dynamic risk assessments when responding to incidents for protection of yourself and others, recognising that the out of hospital environment is often unpredictable and can pose a variety of threats to welfare (physical, environmental and emotional).
  • Adhere to the policy and procedures of St John Ambulance, including specifically an awareness of the limits of both training and authorisation (including insurance) for additional skills authorised to be used.
  • Ensure appropriate and timely referrals are made to other agencies (including non-clinical referral relating to safeguarding) using agreed procedures.
  • If an Event Doctor is trained and can evidence the relevant experience they are approved to provide:
    • Event specific requirements (for example FA Crowd Doctor; British Horse Racing Course Doctor)
    • Clinical leadership in Advanced and Intermediate Life Support incidents on events as needed
    • Incident clinical leadership in emergency operations situations.
  • Perform any other duties commensurate with these responsibilities, the management level of the post and skills and qualifications of the post-holder.

Who we are looking for (personal specification)

  • GMC registered medical practitioner (no cautions or restrictions) and with a licence to practice. Required
  • Immediate Life Support skills and evidence of current revalidation. Required
  • Experience of working in out of hospital environments and at events. Required
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with ability to communicate effectively at all levels. Required
  • Decision making capability, both when working alone or working as part of a team. Required
  • Able to work alone or as part of a multidisciplinary team. Required
  • Commitment to giving high quality care. Required
  • Able to effectively communicate with others, whilst respecting patient confidentiality. Required
  • Able to produce timely, accurate, and legible records relating to patient care. Required
  • Displays an even temperament and resilience to pressure. Required
  • Smart and professional appearance. Required
  • Displays an ability and willingness to be flexible to meet the needs of the role. Required
  • An Event Medical qualification (Football Association Crowd Doctor; Prehospital Emergency Care Course or equivalent). Desirable
  • ALS/ APLS/ ATLS/ PHTLS provider qualification(s). Desirable
  • Clinical trainers or mentorship qualification. Desirable
  • Experience of mentoring students/others Desirable
  • Experience of accessing alternative care pathways. Desirable
  • Experience of leading a small team of clinicians (including non-registered colleagues). Desirable

What you will get from this role

  • Ability to develop clinical mentorship of non-HCP responders and junior doctors.
  • Sense of satisfaction and pride through delivering an essential service with a great team.

Role specific expectations

  • This role is exempt from the provisions of the Rehabilitations of Offenders Act.
  • Be a registered doctor with the UK General Medical Council (GMC) and have a licence to practice.
  • Be competent in basic first aid skills (Advanced First Aider role or equivalent) and a minimum of Immediate Life Support training.
  • Be able to provide evidence of training and experience in relevant out of hospital care; a minimum of Immediate Support, Automated External Defibrillation (AED) and Medical Gas training or equivalent to SJA Advanced First Aider (AFA) level.
  • Maintain and can produce evidence of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) relevant to their St John Ambulance role.
  • Must work to the GMC standards at all times.
  • Physically fit enough to complete a minimum of four minutes of CPR on a manikin on the floor and carry equipment such as first aid bag, AEDs, and oxygen cylinders.
  • Undertake an annual clinical competency assessment including knowledge and practical elements or claim exemptions through the District Medical Officer or designate.

Screening requirement for role (category one)

This role requires the following pre-volunteering screening checks:

  • An enhanced Access NI Check.
  • Health assessment for fitness for role.
  • Complete working/ professional history if worked in the care sector.
  • Two or more factual references (depending on work history).
  • Right to volunteer and identity check.
  • A professional pin check.

Training & support provided

The training we will provide for you in your first few months is as follows:

  • The welcome (induction) programme including health and safety briefing.
  • Introduction to safeguarding session.

SJA will provide workwear (a uniform) appropriate to the role excluding footwear and you will wear a "Doctor" role bar when undertaking this role.

Our values

This role requires the volunteer to embrace the organisation's vision and values, which are:

'Everyone who needs it should receive first aid from those around them. No one should suffer for the lack of trained first aiders.'


Treating others with compassion and respect


Pride in doing an excellent job


Delivering what we promise


Continuously learning and improving


Working together effectively

This role description is intended as an outline indicator of general areas of activity and will be amended in light of the changing needs of St John Ambulance NI. It is expected that the post holder will be as positive and flexible as possible in using this document as a framework.