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International North West 200

Down they come, racing at upwards of 200mph, blistering speeds through the straight and powering around the corners at the International North West 200.

SJA (NI) look forward to the rumbling sound of the bikes every year; providing medical, first aid and ambulance cover at the International North West 200.Over the years St John Ambulance Northern Ireland have developed and grown expertise in the field, especially when surrounding that of motorsport. Since the formation of road racing in Northern Ireland, SJA (NI) have had a part to play, this continues today.

These such events allow access for our highly trained volunteers and healthcare professionals to work alongside that of sheer expertise and brilliance in the Motorcycle Union of Ireland Medical Team (specifically the Ulster Centre) of which of our members have been mentored under the late Dr John Hinds and also Dr Fred MacSorley, aptly nicknamed 'the flying doctors!'

Working at these events our volunteers and healthcare professionals get exposition to small issues like wounds and burns, right through to fatalities and life or death situations. Time and time again our highly trained volunteers work to try to defeat the odds and 'be the difference between a life lost and a life saved.'

At this event it is likely that we will utilise and deploy up to 20 Emergency Ambulances, up to 50 personnel, 2 Rapid Response Vehicles, 2 Emergency Cycle Response Units, 1 Incident Officer, 1 Controlling Officer, 1 Major Treatment Centre, 1 Minor Treatment Centre, 1 Doctor, 2 Paramedics, 2 Nurses and 1 Support Vehicle.