Young People


St John Ambulance (NI) Youth is expanding!

Our Badgers are aged 7-10 and they are youngest people in St John Ambulance (NI).

2017 was a very important year for our Badgers. We celebrated the 30th anniversary of the programme and we launched a new and exciting programme for our Badgers.

Badgers can:

  • Learn first aid
  • Learn how to be active citizens
  • Take part in team games
  • Develop leadership skills, and much more!

What do Badgers do?

Badgers usually meet once a week for around 1 hour 30 minutes. Badgers take part in fun activities for different subjects, earning badges and certificates for each one, working towards their Super Badger Award.

To attain the Super Badger Award, Badgers must complete nine of the 13 themed Badger subjects. Subjects include Active Badger, Healthy Badger and Badger First Aider.

Within the first few weeks of joining, Badgers take the first step on this journey by achieving their Welcome Award.

As Badgers complete each subject, they receive a certificate and a subject badge to wear on their uniform, while a Stage Award is also presented for every three subjects completed, as follows:

Three subjects

Bronze Award

Six subjects

Silver Award

Nine subjects

Super Badger Award

The Badger uniform

St John Ambulance Badgers wear the following uniform, which is available to purchase through the sett leader. Financial assistance is also available if required.

  • SJA Polo shirt
  • SJA Sweatshirt
  • Baseball cap (optional).

Badgers wear their uniform with black shoes and black trousers or skirt. Black socks are worn when wearing trousers, and white socks or black tights when wearing a skirt.

Next steps

Are you interested in joining Badgers? Get your parent or guardian to contact us to find your nearest sett today. Setts are located in:

  • Bangor
  • Carrickfergus
  • Comber
  • Derry /Londonderry
  • Larne
  • Lisburn
  • Newtownards

Too old to join Badgers? Why not join Cadets instead?

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