Young People


Are you aged 10 – 17 looking for fun, adventure and new challenge?

Become a St John Ambulance NI Cadet and learn valuable transferable life skills and help to volunteer at events. Every year nearly 1000 young people take part in our exciting youth programme within Northern Ireland – You could be part of it!

What do Cadets do?

It's not just First Aid! As a Cadet, you'll take part in a full and interactive programme, learning first aid skills, working towards your Grand Prior Award, volunteering at events and developing skills to prepare you for adult life. You can also complete your Duke of Edinburgh Award through St John Ambulance Northern Ireland. Cadet units usually meet for two hours per week.

First Aid

From knowing how to help someone if their heart has stopped, to dealing with severe bleeding, our cadet first aid training will help you to stay up-to-date with the best first aid techniques and gives you the ability to look after others and could help you to save a life.

Following completion of First Aid training cadets can volunteer at events alongside our adult volunteers helping to provide first aid cover at public events.

Grand Prior Award

As a Cadet, you will be working towards your Grand Prior Award. You can choose from over seventy different subjects to complete your award. These range from first aid to fire prevention, photography to sports. The first step on this journey is completion of the cadet membership award.

Cadet Leadership Training

Leadership qualities are in all of us. The cadet leadership programme will help you to develop your confidence, teamwork and leadership skills. Level 1 of the programme is open to those cadets aged 13+ with level 2 open to those cadets aged 15+.

Adventure Training

Between local unit activities and district residential events, you will have the chance to experience a wide range of adventure training activities including mountain biking, surfing and climbing, just to name just a few.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

If you are aged 14+ and enjoy a challenge then the Duke of Edinburgh's Award could be for you! St John Ambulance NI is a licensed operating authority for the award.

However, if you are completing your award through school or another organisation there are lots of activities which you can complete at your Cadet Unit that could also count towards your award.

Next steps

Are you interested in joining Cadets? Contact us to find your nearest Unit today. Cadet Units are located in:

  • Armagh
  • Bangor
  • Ballymena
  • Ballymoney
  • Belfast
  • Castlederg
  • Comber
  • Coleraine
  • Derry / Londonderry
  • Enniskillen
  • Larne
  • Lisburn

Information for parents

The Cadet uniform

All Cadets wear a uniform which mirrors the image of our adult volunteers. Cadets attending unit activities and training wear a service delivery uniform shirt and trousers, with black socks and shoes. A white t-shirt is worn under the shirt.

Award badges can be displayed on your brassard, which is worn on the left arm.

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