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St John Ambulance Northern Ireland is inspiring the next generation of first aiders!

We are looking for Youth Team Volunteers who will inspire the next generation of first aiders. With 1000 participants aged 18 or below, St John Ambulance NI is one of Northern Ireland's leading organisations for young people.

As a volunteer with our youth teams, you'll be trained to provide our young people with both life skills and lifesaving skills – all while having great fun!

You will be volunteering in either one of our Badger Setts (aged 7-10) or Cadet Units (aged 10-18) across Northern Ireland.

We make sure you're given all the support you need to excel. You'll have the chance to learn first aid and take on more advanced roles with training, all while being fully supported by the rest of your team. We offer the opportunity for you to volunteer flexibly and make a real difference in your local community.

Would you like to volunteer once a week or once a month? That's entirely up to you. With the constant guidance of a friendly volunteer manager and youth team, you'll have all the support you need!

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